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The Cornish Moonshine Company

Feeling rebellious? Tempted by the devil himself? Introducing Cornish Moonshine, the best kept secret from The Cornish Moonshine Company made in the deepest, darkest corners of Cornwall. From our 50% Devil Water to the irresistible Apple Pie & Sticky Toffee brews, we’re confident Cornish Moonshine will have you back breaking the rules for another bottle! Meet us out the back, it’s best served in the shadows.

Shhhh… Keep it a Secret!

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There’s a little bit of the Devil in every bottle

Cornish Moonshine Cocktails

As outlaws we’ll let you into a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone… Cornish Moonshine tastes amazing as a cocktail mixer! We’re not telling you to try it that would get us into more trouble, but using our smooth unaged white whisky to create delicious drinks such as Cornish Moonshine Mojitos would be a great addition to your bar, restaurant, event or even a cheeky cocktail at home. Plus for that extra kick, we’ve just launched our high proof 50% vol Cornish Moonshine aptly named ‘Devil Water’.

Don’t forget… you didn’t hear this from us Shhhhh

Mr Moonshine

Prohibition Preserves

Prohibition Preserves

Laced with our lawless ‘Devil Water’ Cornish Moonshine we’ve been sneakily working on our range of Prohibition Preserves! Bad*ss BBQ sauce, Criminal Caramel sauce, Jailhouse Chilli Jam and Moonshine Marmalade are now available in stores and Westcountry Food Suppliers!

We dare you to try it

Exhibitions & Events

If you’re addicted to the Cornish Moonshine chase and want Luna our bad*ass moonshine pick up truck and rebellious cocktail bars at your event, weddings, festivals or gatherings please get in touch…

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